Dog Daycare

Dog Daycare in Denver like no other

Drop off any time during the day, Monday - Saturday. While you're away, your dog will be cared for in a safe, respectful, loving environment. They will play, make friends and be really, really tired by the time you pick them up. Our staff is well trained and have the experience to ensure a safe environment for everyone.

We provide webcam access to all of our clients so that they can check in on their happy pets. View Webcams

Our Daycare Hours:

Monday – Saturday:  6:30 am - 7:00 pm

Sunday: No daycare

*Late Pick-ups (7:00 pm – 8:00 pm) are charged a $15 per dog late pick-up fee.

Dog Daycare


Did someone say FREE DAYCARE? We are giving away FREE daycare days for every referred friend. Send a new furry friend to check out our daycare and enjoy a FREE day of daycare on us!

Full Day Dog Daycare Pricing

  • Daily rate: $42
  • 5 Day package (save $10.00) $200.00
  • 10 Day package (save $30.00) $390.00
  • 20 Day package (save $90.00) $750.00

Half-Day Dog Daycare Pricing

  • Half day (5 hours): $32
  • 5 Half-Day package (save $10.00) $150.00
  • 10 Half-Day package (save $30.00) $290.00
  • 20 Half-Day package (save $90.00) $550.00

*Packages are valid for 12 months from the date of purchase and expire after that time. We no longer price differently for different numbers of dogs. All packages can be applied to any dog you own.

Dog Daycare Add-Ons

(additional fees may apply)

  • Ball Toss - Everyone loves a game of fetch! We offer a 1-on-1 ball toss for your furry friend with our staff.
  • Brain Game – Special competitions between your pup and our team members that will keep them engaged and stimulate their senses.
  • Cuddle Time - Extra 1-on-1 cuddles from our trusted team!
  • Puppy Postcard – A postcard written by YOUR pup on how their stay is going!
  • Walks – Extra walks around the downtown area for added exercise.
Dog Daycare
Dog sleeping with an eye mask

The Importance of Resting

You may be asking – why is my pup resting and not outside with all their furry friends? Routine rest time during daycare is not only important to the health of your pet, but also for the safety of the entire pack. Resting refers to the downtime in between playtimes during daycare. This gives your pet a chance to recuperate so they do not exhaust themselves before their visit comes to an end, which is especially important for our full-day guests. Additionally, resting significantly decreases the chances of injuries within the pack. Just like with humans, rest allows for the microtears in their muscles from exercising to repair and become stronger.

We take the safety of our pets and staff very seriously. Resting is an important part of our safety guidelines, including temperament tests and dividing our daycare pups into playgroups based on this temperament and size.

Daycare is offered to all dogs that have passed the Meet and Greet process. Daycare guests arrive and enter a daycare group based on their energy level. Throughout the day, naps and meals are offered to dogs that require them. Pick is 7:00 pm.

All dogs must be current on all vaccines and be spayed/neutered by 1 year of age. All dogs must have a reservation for all appointments. Bark follows the current breed restrictions of Denver County.